Vibbro Academy was created with the support of our scientific committee and has the aim of training new expert professionals of the Vibrational Wellness.

The courses are purely online, both with texts and video contributions, and with distance teaching. This is to eliminate the distances, to be more versatile to the needs of the students and to speed up the learning process.

The topics covered by the Vibbro Academy are many and to name a few they are transversal to Physics, at the Music, at the Biology, Everyone Neuro-Sciences.

Our teachers are all graduates in their respective disciplines and are part of our large Vibbro family.

The best students are chosen by Vibbro to in turn tutor the new students, all in a beneficial evolutionary spiral that brings new contributions day by day on the path of vibrational evolution.

Education is the great driver of personal development. It is thanks to education that the daughter of a farmer can become a doctor, the son of a miner the head of the mine or a child born in a poor family the president of a great nation. Not what we are given, but the ability to make the most of what we have is what distinguishes one person from another. (Nelson Mandela)


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