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Discover a new well-being through Vibrations:

Our body was “designed” to perceive acoustic vibrations. Vibrations are in fact a powerful means of communication, therefore in evolution we do not havedeveloped a barrier to exclude them.

Acoustic vibrations pass through us without obstacles!

This particular property is very useful for making what we want resonate, creating well-being without effort and without trauma.

Vibbro has selected 5 groups of vibrational frequencies that work on very specific parts of our body.

Vibration is the best ally to achieve a state of cellular, physical-psychological balance.

Vibbro Official - Vibrazioni acustiche
Discover Vibbro Beneficial Vibrations

Effects of Vibbro on the body

  • Vibration: Activates the electrical conductivity of the skin (peripheral microcirculation), Increases alpha brain waves (those that precede sleep with consequent de-stress and muscular relaxation preparatory to massage), reduces beta waves (those responsible for the alert state), regulates the heart rate and blood flow, synchronizes our cells, regulates breathing, facilitates meditation.

  • Music: Use higher layers of consciousness (through what we call Vibbro Strategy: Rhythm, Harmony, Timbre and Vibration)

  • Massage: Amplifies the previous effects by transferring well-being and energy that works on the body and spirituality.

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Vibbro has created oneAcademy dedicata a tutte le operatrici/operatori del settore del benessere. Il comitato scientifico che la presiede è incaricato di trasferire agli iscritti le più recenti innovazioni. "La potenza è nulla, senza il controllo" ed è per questo che è indispensabile formand stay updated to make the most of Vibbro technologies.

Il nostro corpo, le nostre singole cellule, si armonizzano e si riequilibrano con la vibrazione acustica. L'effetto è meccanico, immediato, ma anche forte e persistente.

All these characteristics of Vibbro technology make it versatile and usable in combination with other techniques, for example manipulations, regression, autogenic training, concentration, yoga, psycho therapies, and much more.

Furthermore, the acoustic vibrations are beneficial but not invasive, they have no contraindications, they are natural and our products are Green, built with the best wood from a controlled and traced supply chain.

Musica e Vibrazioni sono da sempre un binomio. La musica porta con se un infinità di vibrazioni acustiche che sono utilizzate da secoli in molti ambiti terapeutici, sia in Occidente che in Oriente. Tutti i prodotti Vibbro, attraverso le nostre APP, sono in grado ti trasferire meccanicamente ed acusticamente la musica al copro, aggiungendo, e non sottraendo, specifiche vibrazioni "dominanti" capaci di ottenere risultati incredibili.

All that remains is to try this innovative and exclusive technology.Fill out the request formand we will advise you of our center closest to your residence for a no-obligation test.

Vibbro designs and produces in Italy: it is therefore proudly Made in Italy!

Vibbro Official - Vibrazioni acustiche


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Discover a new well-being through Vibrations

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